Faculty of Allied Health & Biological Sciences

The Faculty of Allied Health & Biological Sciences at the Ibadat International University, Islamabad offers pathways to a career in health and social work through postgraduate courses. Allied health professionals work in the health, social and psycho social services care team, using specialized skills to provide evidence-based services to patients and other service users.

The Faculty gives a professional entry to practice courses in pharmacy, nursing and social work, as well as health professions education courses for those wishing to become educators in health.


  • Medical Lab Technology
  • Human Nutrition And Dietetics
  • Physical Therapy
  • Radiological Sciences & Imaging Technology

Faculty of computer sciences

The main goal of Faculty of Computer Sciences at Ibadat International University, Islamabad is to offers an energizing future and it is at the very heart of how we work, convey, associate and are engaged. Study with us and become prepared for professional openings in a variety of fields – from software engineering to cyber security, computer science, data analytics and virtual reality.


  • Dept. Computer sciences

Faculty of Mathematics

The Faculty of BS Mathematics typically refers to the academic department or group of professors and educators responsible for teaching and conducting research in the field of mathematics within a university or educational institution.

In a university, the Faculty of BS Mathematics would be responsible for offering Bachelor of Science (BS) programs in mathematics. These programs typically cover a wide range of mathematical topics, including calculus, algebra, statistics, discrete mathematics, and more advanced topics like differential equations, linear algebra, and abstract algebra.


  • Mathematics